Killer Scent

Killer Scent is the third edition in the John Twait Mystery Series.

John and Sarah Twait are finally back to the Caribbean to relax and recuperate after their harrowing return to Hillsville, Nebraska where they came to the aid of their good friend Chief Mike Yeager, now the Twaits are ready to retire on the beach and bake in the sun.
John’s eyes took their fill of Sarah’s beautiful figure as she sun baked on the beach. There was nothing more than a couple little strings and a few triangles of material covering her golden skin. He knew she would be warm and soft if he were to touch her, but since she looked so peaceful with her eyes closed, he had not.
He wanted to enjoy this moment, just watching the rise and fall of her chest, and the way that her blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight. The scent of coconut oil drifted over him, and John closed his eyes to inhale and finally enjoy his retirement.

John Twait just retired from a career as a detective. He and his wife Sarah decided to take a Caribbean Cruise to relax and celebrate. I like this story a lot because John and Sarah have an interesting back-story. Their love for each other is strong but they have faced their share of difficulties in their relationship. John has a passion for women, beer and his love for Sarah is strong. It is just that John had let Sarah down in the past. She is a good woman who had put up with his infidelity. He knew that he was very lucky to have Sarah in his life especially for her patience, love, and acceptance. She loved him dearly despite his character flaws.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief @ Bare Back Magazine

While on the cruise, they enjoyed the pleasure and adventures of the Caribbean Sea. During their time relaxing in the sun, they met an interesting cast of characters who added erotic flavor and spice into their love life. The story turns into an erotic mystery when someone is murdered. John and Sarah investigated the scène to discover clues about the murderer. This story is filled with many twists that left me glued to the story. It was the killer scent that helped John and Sarah solve this mystery.


This story has a good mixture of mystery and erotic scenes that made this an interesting read filled with adventure, intriguing characters, and a sexy story line.