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Tony Rehor is a bestselling author from Ottawa, Illinois. Born in Aurora in 1958, he spent his childhood in southern Missouri and central Illinois. While he was attending high school, Tony met his wife. Twenty-eight years later, they're still together and have had five beautiful children. Tony has a passion for literature and encourages young people to find joy in reading. In 2013, Tony retired from running the small business that he owned. He enjoys spending time with his family and writing.

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Social Denial, Scourge of our future.

social disease

Just thought I would share a thought I had today. Tweet, post, send, or ignore. This is our children’s future. Post a Pin here and a Lol there. Our children are missing what makes us, well us. Long gone are the days of constant social interaction during our waking hours. No more good morning Mrs. Miller or hey how about those Cubs on an early afternoon walk. Technology is slowing and surely eating away at the social connection that is much needed by the human brain. We are a social society that needs social interaction. Continually technology is making our social life digital and frankly boring. Our children need to experience life, as it once was, to grasp life in general. Can you really see and feel the wanting or fear in the face of a friend when you break bad news to them with your smartphone? No. Lucas McCain […]