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Family of Customers

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A family of customers is what keeps your business alive.

Myself as a small business owner understand the importance of a returning customer. If you want to stay competitive in 2013 then you need to work very hard to please your family of customers. Treat your customers as if they are part of your family and they will be sure to come back and visit. Recently i was visited by two customers who were new to my computer repair shop and both had the same problem.

My new friends were both in need of replacement screens for their laptops and that is one of our specialty’s. Customer number one came in all flustered informing me that he had visited one of my competitors for the screen replacement and was told the he would be responsible for the ordering of the replacement screen. Well the flustered customer didn’t like the idea of ordering his own parts as he was a novice at computers to begin with and had no idea how to even find a replacement screen.

The next day customer number two called and said that he needed an emergency job done before a business trip the next day. The emergency job was the replacement of a broken screen on his laptop. The customer then informed me that he had already ordered the screen as instructed by another business and was needing it installed asap.

Needless to say when the customer arrived with his boxed new screen and the laptop i had to inform him that he had ordered the wrong screen. He was very upset as he was told that ordering the new screen was as simple as typing in your laptop model and bingo your replacement screen would be ordered.

First of all the majority of laptops will have four different replacement screens that go to that model number. That is what the computer technician if for. You never order your own parts.

I helped out both customers and now i have two new members of my family.

This is why you treat your customers as if they are part of your family. You must be willing to go that extra step to make sure they have a good experience at your business. I went the extra mile by lowering my prices 15% when the economy went down a few years back to still be able to help customers that were caught in the economic downfall. I changed my hours of operation to accommodate the customers who were unable to get to my business before closing.

Your customers are the life of your business and need to be treated with respect and care.  If you want to stay in business in 2013 you will have to treat your family of customers accordingly. Remember that when you pay it forward good things will always follow.