Social Denial, Scourge of our future.

Just thought I would share a thought I had today.

Tweet, post, send, or ignore. This is our children’s future. Post a Pin here and a Lol there.

Our children are missing what makes us, well us.
Long gone are the days of constant social interaction during our waking hours. No more good morning Mrs. Miller or hey how about those Cubs on an early afternoon walk.
Technology is slowing and surely eating away at the social connection that is much needed by the human brain.
We are a social society that needs social interaction. Continually technology is making our social life digital and frankly boring.
Our children need to experience life, as it once was, to grasp life in general.

Can you really see and feel the wanting or fear in the face of a friend when you break bad news to them with your smartphone? No.
Lucas McCain taught young Mark to meet and engage new people to help grow his social boundaries. Young Beaver walked his neighborhood every day allowing him to grow his social intellect.
Our young are becoming corrupt due to the lack of social engagement, let us fix it before it gets worse.
We have young adults joining factions for reason they themselves do not know. The social network of today is growing and changing radically. Worldwide we have already seen groups take control of unsuspecting children and  is appears that at this moment we have no recourse.
Gone are the days of Mayberry with Andy Taylor crooning a tune to Helen Crump.
The reasons to get up and leave the house are gone with this generation.
Can you really comfort a friend or loved one from a thousand miles? No, you cannot. We need to regulate digital interference in the children of today or we will be creating a completely new culture of emotional zombies.
Our society would gather in groups and relate the week’s news. We would sit and watch the world go by. We would have long personal talks with real feelings not smiley faces. We learned respect most of all.
I hope that soon our future educators and gurus realize that we need to change now before it is too late.
I am sure if I look, there is a App for that already.

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