Are We Headed For Social Destruction?

Social Society Relapse.

Are we headed for a total breakdown worldwide of our existing social society as we currently know it?

Tony Rehor

I am no specialist or highly schooled professor of knowledge, nope I am just an observer of people. I have been around for quite a while and have observed much in my years.

Now I am beginning to fear that the answer to this question I ask is yes.

I am theorizing that at this current rate of technological change that is messing with mankind’s human social society has just caused an expiration date for society.

Your next question is probably,” what did you say?”. Here are my nonprofessional thoughts to give you food for thought.

Tweet about it, post about it, send a pic about it or ignore it. This is our children’s future, strike that, this is their present life. Post a Pin about it here and a Lol about it there.

Our children of today and in the future are learning superior knowledge in record time with this new technological world we live in, but they are missing out on something extremely important and that is the part of life that is what makes us, well us.

Long gone are the days of having a daily person to person social interaction during our day. No more opportunities to say “Good morning Mrs. Miller” or “Hey how about those Cubbies” or “Go Sox” on an early fall afternoon walk before dinner at 5 pm prompt.

I will go for a stroll occasionally down to our local park and very rarely do I have company, even in the middle of the day! People are committed to their online cyber life more now than ever with the ever-evolving devices and it may have dire consequences in the future.

Technology I believe is slowing and surely eating away at the social connection much needed by the human psyche.

We are a social society that needs social physical interaction. Our ever growing and quickly expanding technology is making our social life full on digital and frankly, I think it is boring.

When I do get out and about I would really like to have the occasion to say, “Hi sir, how are you today?” or maybe “Good morning ma’am” as I enter the grocery store, but nope all I see is blind stares, or people texting, and many are people watching videos as they walk. Unbelievable.

Our children need to experience life, as it once was to get a good grasp on life’s ups and downs and the physical reality of real in your face emotional joys and heartbreaks that a human social society will bring.

Can you honestly see and emotionally feel the want or fear or joy in the face of a friend or loved one when you break you bad news or joyous occasion on your smartphone or tablet?
Do you really think that you can comfort a friend or loved one with true compassion from a thousand miles away? That answer is no, no you cannot.

We need the smells, or a physical touch or even something small maybe just a look in the eyes to convey who we are.  We need to develop a way to regulate this new digital interference from the children of today and tomorrow or we will soon be creating a completely new culture of socially emotional zombies.

Our social lives when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s would be every night the gangs of friends held gatherings in groups and rehash the week’s town news and gossips. We would enjoy the opportunity to sit back and watch the world go by.

We would have long personal talks with close friends and family with real interaction and feelings and not just not emojis. We learned how to respect people most of all. I am afraid that respect is waning in our society today.

I hope that soon our future leaders and educators realize that we need to start change now before it is too late, yes even too late for the prayer emoji.

I am sure if I go look, there is already an App for that already.

Thank you for your time.

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