Cankles, thats what they lovinly call fat ankles. I have gatehered everything you need to know anout this somtimes annoying afflection.

Are you Going Crazy Looking for a Solution to your Cankles?"

Then read this because I'm going to tell you how I helped my wife overcome this problem and how you can do the same...

You see, like millions of other women, by the time she reached middle age, my wife had developed a serious case of the cankles.

It broke my heart to see how badly her self-esteem and confidence was affected by this.

But what's worse is that no one seems to care.

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About the Book
I spent weeks in the library and even more time pestering my local Doctor, plus I consulted my personal trainer buddy and then I sat down at my computer and Googled my plight, and guess what?
I discovered thousands of websites with information on cankles.

I spent countless hours reading site after site and by the time I was done I had a complete plan which my wife used to eliminate her cankles cause in only a couple of weeks.

And now I’ve decided to make this information available to the public.
I call it Cankles and in this 37 page guide you’ll learn…

* The common food additive you need to cut out of your diet immediately.

* Why too much McDonald’s can give you cankles.

* How to use water and a special vitamin to drain your ankles of fluids.

* Why you should eat popcorn if you have cankles.
* The #1 reason why people get cankles.

* The point at which you should consider surgery, and what happens during this surgery.

* The simplest type of exercise for working away your cankles. Anyone can do this no matter how unfit they are.

* What “Matchstick” cankles are.

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About the Author
Tony Rehor

My name is Tony Rehor, I am a author from Ottawa, Illinois.

Born in Aurora in 1958, I spent my childhood in southern Missouri and North central Illinois.
While I was attending high school, I met my wife. We have five wonderfull children.
I have a passion for literature and encourage young people to find joy in reading.

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