Dogs: Training and Care for Man’s Best Friend

Dogs: Training and Care for Man’s Best Friend

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This short read dog book will aid you in picking out the perfect dog for you. We include a short list covering things you should know with a new dog.

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About the Book

You want to get your first dog, but you’re not sure how to pick a dog or even raise one.

This little dog book will help you pick out the right dog for you and also everything you need to know how to care for your new dog.
Raising a dog is like bringing up a child in many ways, you have to teach and feed them, and you must care for their injuries, and you have to interact with them much like a child.

Having a dog as a pet has a lot of responsibilities that cannot be pushed away, or your dog will suffer. So if you want to have a dog then just be sure that you are willing to do all that is involved in raising your new friend.

This book will cover everything that you need to know to care for your first dog.

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About the Author
Tony Rehor

My name is Tony Rehor, I am a author from Ottawa, Illinois.

Born in Aurora in 1958, I spent my life in Southern Missouri and North Central Illinois.
While I was attending high school, I met my wife. We have five children.

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