Killer Scent-John Twait Mystery

Killer Scent-John Twait Mystery

Genre: Mystery
Tag: Mystery

John and Sarah, back home in the Caribbean to relax and recuperate from their harrowing return to Hillsville, Nebraska coming to the aid of good friend Chief Mike Yeager. Now the Twaits are anxious to return to the beach and bake in the sun.

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About the Book

Little do they know that life is about to get in the way again.

Follow the Twaits as they embark on another strange mystery that only John can solve. Find out if John is ready to be faithful to Sarah as promised. Will Sarah’s newly found sex drive hinder or help their relationship.

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About the Author
Tony Rehor

My name is Tony Rehor, I am a author from Ottawa, Illinois.

Born in Aurora in 1958, I spent my life in Southern Missouri and North Central Illinois.
While I was attending high school, I met my wife. We have five children.

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