man and girl sitting on brown dock near boat and two white ducks during daytime
man and girl sitting on brown dock near boat and two white ducks during daytime

Living the Dream

Author, Journalist, Father

Tony Rehor, the versatile author from Ottawa, Illinois, has penned several intriguing works. Let’s delve into his literary creations:

  1. The Eye Twitch Murders:

  2. Killer Scent (John Twait Mystery Series):

  3. Caring for Your First Dog:

  4. Kettlebell Workouts for You:

  5. Cankles:

  6. Go Green: The Number One Hints to Save the Planet from Climate Change:

  7. Return to Hillsville (John Twait Mystery #2):

  8. Control ALT Delete Your Dead:

  9. Work at Home Jobs: The 25 Best Paying Home Business Ideas:

  10. I Can See My ABC’s-Zoo Edition:

In total, Tony Rehor has authored 26 books, leaving an indelible mark on readers across various genres 12.

Tony Rehor is a multifaceted individual hailing from Ottawa, Illinois. Let’s explore the different facets of his life:YouTube Channel:Tony Rehor runs a YouTube channel called “Tony Rehor” where he shares insights about marketing in the real world. His approach is to promote with a smile and have fun with it.

Over time, his content has evolved, and he has created books, websites, audiobooks, and even ventured into producing a news magazine. Despite having no significant budget, Tony’s creativity shines through as he navigates life with his family in Ottawa, Illinois. His channel features behind-the-scenes glimpses of his life, family, and various adventures. As he approaches the final quarter of his life, Tony’s goal is to keep entertaining and kick ass until 80🎥📚🎙️1.

Author:Tony Rehor is also an author. Born in Aurora in 1958, he spent his childhood in southern Missouri and North Central Illinois. During high school, he met his wife, Lora, and together they have five childrenTony’s passion lies in literature, and he actively encourages young people to find joy in reading 

2.Audible and Amazon:As an author, Tony Rehor has made his mark on Audible and Amazon. His works are available for readers and listeners to enjoy. His journey from Aurora to Ottawa, Illinois, has shaped his storytelling and creative endeavors 

3.Entrepreneur:Beyond writing, Tony Rehor wears the hat of an entrepreneurHis small business ventures and creative pursuits reflect his dynamic spirit 

4.In summary, Tony Rehor is a man of many talents—whether it’s marketing, writing, or embracing life’s adventures. His journey continues, and he aims to leave a lasting impact through his work and experiences.

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black sailing boat digital wallpaper
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